Photo by Benny Doro


My new website is dedicated to my many passions: creating, making and eating healthy and delicious food; discovering and investing in a variety of different business ventures and my love of music which has been a part of my life for over 30 years.

I had the great opportunity to travel the world for more than 20 years while touring with rock bands (and business) but nowadays my travel is mostly business related. I have been fortunate to travel throughout North America, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. I maintain several residences abroad in  Antigua, Lebanon, Montenegro and Croatia which allow me to experience the culture of these beautiful yet very different countries on a first hand basis. I love to walk the streets, visit the local markets, speak to the locals and even meet many great and talented Chefs who teach me about their history and culture and how it impacts their daily meals and traditional dishes.

I take each of these experiences and incorporate them into the food I create and many times even integrate them into my daily life as well. I am a staunch advocate for healthy eating and I encourage people to focus on the wholesomeness of the food they consume by being more conscious of where their food comes from and how it’s prepared.

Most importantly, I am focused on the health and well being of children. As an industrialized nation that greatly depends on highly processed food, the US has one of the highest morbidity and mortality rates for illnesses such as diabetes, that are a direct result of obesity.

Preparing healthy meals at home is easy and does not have to be expensive. All of my recipe ideas begin with that in mind and I work hard to prove that to you with each and every dish.

My goal is to eventually create and open a restaurant in the foreseeable future where I will be able to prepare food the way I believe it should be done, focusing on a few quality ingredients, tastefully combined and beautifully presented.

I hope that you enjoy what you see and I encourage you to send me your questions and comments either through the blog or my Facebook page. I am always glad to help if I can!

Much Love,