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Seventeen 88 Restaurant Group INC

May 18



Seventeen 88 will be poised to open in Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown late this fall, with the goal of creating a uniquely modern yet traditional Chinese dining and drinking experience for Vancouverites and the strong Tourism sector that have been raving about the local restaurant scene for the past decade.

Seventeen 88 is located in Vancouver’s Historic Chinatown in the building at 276 Pender. This newer building is in the heart of Chinatown’s heritage area and most recently housed a very successful and well known Chinese fish merchant and Chinese BBQ. Staying true the buildings historical use as a restaurant and market along with the Vancouver Chinese culture that has been developing as its own unique culture for over 200 years, Seventeen 88 Restaurant will offer a uniquely modern Vancouver Chinese dining experience.




Published on 18/05/2016 (Wednesday) at 4:10 am by Benny.
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