The Benny Doro Company

An Entrepreneur of many successful companies over the years including being a pioneer on the Internet on several fronts. Here you will see the latest projects and their status evolve in real time. Follow some of Benny’s companies from their inception to the grand platform they will land on.
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My Story

  • Was a regular radio personality on the Raccoon’s Radio show on 14CFUN Vancouver when he was 6 years old
  • Wrote for the Local paper about local events and interviewing local celebs age 8
  • Started playing drums at his Father’s Club age 8
  • Became known as the 14 year old amazing guitar player 1981
  • Took photos and had his own photo lab age 12
  • Scripted his first school movie at age twelve and had local Vancouver rock producer Guy Sobel draft a contract to sign up schools kids based on commission
  • Was on tour by the time he was 13 years old playing up and down the west coast
  • 1984 formed the first Van Halen tribute band called Unchained
  • 1987 got demo of band to Eric Carr with words “Without Paul and Gene this would not be possible”
  • Benny Opens recording studio and does work for film commercial and produces and financed Nickelback’s first Demos
  • 1987 Paul Stanley calls Benny and starts talks to manage the band
  • 1988 Benny Doro and Unchained are signed to Paul Stanley Management
  • 1989 Unchained begins recording with Paul Stanley at the Fortress Studio Los Angeles with Tommy Thayer to record 4 song demo for Polygram
  • 1994 is formed to create Artist web sites. Company builds sites for top artist like KISS, Van Halen, Madonna, Britney Spears and dozen other.
  • Paul Stanley and Benny put together Black Diamond one of the first official KISS tribute bands after grunge takes over rock world
  • 1995 co founds Starnet Communication which becomes the Microsoft of Gaming in Vancouver and continues touring with Black Diamond KISS tribute
  • Black Diamond heads to Japan to play for 20,000 people at the Futema Flight Line Festival in Okanawa
  • Black Diamond Open for KISS on the Convention tour in Texas
  • 1996 Black Diamond destroys Universal Theater LA for 30 days with Hank Shcmele   Pyro Tech for the 77 Love Gun Tour designing the pyro and lighting.
  • 1996 Starnet Communication begins trading on the NASDAQ Market’s company grows to 150 employees
  • begins live streaming broadcasts of radio station in Las Vegas, Arizona and
  • Vancouver pioneering streaming radio in those markets
  • Partners up with Sterling McFadden Publishers to become joint partners in the magazine’s web presence developing some of the first automated updating of content by editors Magazines include Metal Edge, 16 Magazine, Tigerbeat, Teenbeat, True Romance, Black Beat and Metal Maniacs
  • 1997 Starnet Revenue and stock price begin to climb into the double digits. Company becomes most active message board on Raging Bull expands to New York
  • 1998-99 Starnet becomes the most actively traded stock on the Nasdaq hitting $29 company grows to over 200 employees in Vancouver, Antigua and London. Founders exit company and begin new ventures.
  • Benny Doro is granted first digital TV license in Canada for Rock and Roll and Urban Channels
  • Benny heads to the Philippines to consult for the world bank association and to bring the first online banking to 1st E bank Makati
  • 2000 merges with Wiremix Media to become an active player in online advertising world expanding to New York, LA and Las Vegas
  • Benny’s purchases the KISS Love Gun painting and KISS Unmasked Painting from Butterfields Auction at Kodak Theater
  • Company merges with Cyop Systems which becomes publicly traded and purchased
  • Benny continues to tour with KISS tribute
  • Benny heads to New York to start a hedge fund on Wall Street
  • 2001-2004 Has successful hedge fund in New York taking companies public and funding small cap deals.
  • KISS Love Gun and Unmasked Painting are stolen from Las Vegas Storage Unit (Investigation ongoing)
  • Benny’s begins several companies building them and selling them off over the course of next several years
  • 2006 Begins writing and recording new music material
  • Benny begins studying his passion of cooking with chefs from around the world during his travels.
  • Records Detroit Rock City for “Rock Band” the video game
  • 2009 Begins a new company to develop the new concept in payments and cash spending  the “Pre Paid Debit Card” with a bank he partners with in Montenegro to be first of its kind in that region.
  • 2010 the “Mondo Card” is launched in Europe bringing Pre Paid cards as a replacement for payroll checks and to service the hard to bank
  • Benny completes recording and writing over 60 songs for upcoming solo project
  • 2011 Universal Vision Group new company to bring the Pre Paid Card Concept to American