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0 Super Simple Beef Sliders!!

Jan 29

IMG_0049 (1024x683)


Martin's Potato Party Rolls (tiny about 1 1/2 inch square

80/20 Ground Beef (I used grass fed, this is all about the beef and if you are going to eat it make  it healthy and the best tasting)

Sour Pickle


Sriracha Sauce

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese


Shape burger same size as the bun about 1/2 inch thick. Season with kosher salt and pepper, broil for 3 min until nice crust formed, turn over add cheese and broil until melted. Toast bun for a min and assemble.

bun, ketchup, burger, Sriracha, pickle and top bun. Make about 12 of these and share with a friend.




Published on 29/01/2012 (Sunday) at 6:22 pm by Benny.
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