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0 Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

Sep 03


Black Bean soup . Sweat onion ten cloves of garlic. Salt pepper One jalapeño one small bell pepper, dash of cumin, splash of white of red wine let reduce until dry. Add rinsed large can of black beans cook for five min add two cups vegetable stock bring to boil then in batches into a blender pulse until slightly chunky return check for seasoning let simmer for ten min. Serve with sour cream fresh chives or cilantro 30 min start to finish no excuses can be made while on the phone (like me) enjoy!! Note jalapeño optional


Published on 03/09/2014 (Wednesday) at 7:42 pm by Benny.
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Benny Doro’s success in the music industry and as a venture capitalist has taken him around the globe. Whether a six-month stay in the Philippines launching internet banking or touring Japan with his rock and roll band, at the heart of each trip was the food, the people and the culture. “You just couldn’t help but see that it was all one!,” says Benny.


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