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0 Fluke Sashimi with Yuzu and Cilantro

Oct 08

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Simple way to enjoy fresh fluke. It is important to eat a piece of the cilantro with each piece of fish. This is very refreshing one my favorite ways to enjoy fluke

Fluke Sashimi with Yuzu and Cilantro

On 08/10/2011 (Saturday) at 5:35 pm by Benny.
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  • Ready Time:
    0 min



  • sushi grade fluke (7pieces per order) cut into 1/8 inch thick pieces
  • teaspoon lime juice
  • teaspoon yuzu
  • kosher salt
  • saracha sauce
  • fresh cilantro


Lay the fluke slices on a plate, drizzle the Yuzu and lime juice over each piece. Add a dot of Saracha sauce to each piece, finish with a few grains of kosher salt and put fresh cilantro leaves in the middle.


Its that easy but what a flavor booster!



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