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Chicken Spice

Chicken SpiceDon't do the same old boring chicken everyone else is doing. Try something bold, different and definitely not like what you're used to.

One word used to describe chicken is versatility.

I love using chicken as a main ingredient in cooking because you can have so many flavors and variety. Chicken is a healthy lean meat that can be baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, fried, made for soup, pasta's or barbecued. You can add an amazing flavor to any of these methods by simply adding the Benny Doro Chicken Spice to your recipe.

Whatever you are looking to do with your chicken you can't go wrong by adding Benny Doro's Chicken Spice. The unique blend of spices and herbs are sure to add a kick ass flavor to any dish that you are preparing. Be sure to rub it on the chicken you are throwing on the grill, use it as a marinade or cover the top of the chicken you are about to roast.

You can also add it for flavor for any healthy side dish such as fresh grilled or steamed veggies. I guarantee this will become one of your favorite items in your spice cabinet.

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