Benny’s Breakfast Tart with two kinds of eggs

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Benny’s Breakfast Tart with two kinds of eggs

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Here is one I just love to make for a dinner appetizer or brunch This is moorish and a little more of a fun way of eating eggs but most importantly it taste delicious. What I’ve done is made a puff pastry basket and a puff pastry hat. Each will hold a section of the dish the one basket has 18 month aged thinly sliced parma ham and the other flat hat has two fried quail’s eggs with crispy parma ham. I finish the quail eggs with black pepper and white truffle oil. The most important part is the scrambled egg part. They need to be creamy and not overcooked. I’ll explain how to do this a little later. Let’s get started.



Benny’s Breakfast Tart with two kinds of eggs

On 17/02/2011 (Thursday) at 2:14 am by Benny.
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  • Prep Time:
    15 min
  • Cook Time:
    40 min
  • Ready Time:
    55 min


2 servings


  • Puff pastry sheets
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • 2 quail eggs
  • Parma ham
  • Chopped spring onion
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • White truffle oil
  • Black pepper
  • Tobiko


Start by rolling out the puff pastry and lining one of the muffin tins with it.

Now bake it with another muffin tin on top to stop it from puffing up.
Line the bottom of one of the tins and do the same things so you end up with a basket and a flat disk. Now take some thinly sliced parma ham and line the bottom of the puff pastry basket.

In a small frying pan heat some olive oil and drop in 2 quails eggs and fry them until they puff up. Take out drain and put aside.

Now whisk 2 chicken eggs together with chopped spring onion and in a very low heat pan start mixing the eggs like you were making risotto until they just come together and still very creamy.

Fill the parma ham lined basket with the scrambled eggs.

In the same hot oil you fried the quail eggs take one thin piece of parma ham and fry it until it’s crispy. Take the quail eggs put them on top of the puff pastry disk and add some of the parma ham chips and fresh black pepper.

I finished the scrambled egg part with a little Tobiko fish roe and a few drops of white truffle oil on the quail egg part.

That’s it! Enjoy!!


Step by step in photos here >>

About Benny

Passion for healthy amazing food. I am on crusade to get kids eat better and people in general learning how to cook for themselves. If I here that McDonald’s is cheaper than eating homemade I will prove anyone wrong.

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