Grilled Cheese on Steroids

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Grilled Cheese on Steroids

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This is a grilled cheese taken to another level. I used some bbq pulled pork for the filling with the extra sharp cheddar cheese and crunchy panko on the outside. So technically it’s not really a grilled sandwich but I did make it in a frying pan when you could deep fry it. Here is the deal….make note NOT DIET FOOD!



Grilled Cheese on Steroids

On 04/02/2011 (Friday) at 4:48 pm by Benny.
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  • Prep Time:
    10 min
  • Cook Time:
    8 min
  • Ready Time:
    18 min


1 servings


  • Favorite bread of your choice
  • Beaten egg
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Your favorite melty cheese
  • Canola oil
  • Honey to finish
  • any bbq meat like pulled pork can be leftovers


Cut the bread so it’s even thickness and trim the crust off, layer the cheese on each side of the bread.

Put some pulled pork, braised beef or your favorite braised meat in the middle. Now dip the entire bread in the egg wash and roll in the panko until completely coated and let sit for 5 min to set.

Now heat canola oil to medium heat and fry the on one side until golden then turn over, when that’s golden do all the sides of the bread as well.
Now pop into a 350 degree oven for ten min to melt the cheese all the way through and finish with a little drizzled honey….totally awesome!


Step by step in photos here >>

About Benny

Passion for healthy amazing food. I am on crusade to get kids eat better and people in general learning how to cook for themselves. If I here that McDonald’s is cheaper than eating homemade I will prove anyone wrong.

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