Razor Clams with Piquillo Peppers

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Razor Clams with Piquillo Peppers

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Now I started to think about this bar in Spain that had mussels with something similar to what I just did I realized that I wanted a KISS of the memory of that dish in my Razor clams so this is what I did and frankly……it ROCKED!



Razor Clams with Piquillo Peppers

On 06/02/2011 (Sunday) at 10:02 pm by Benny.
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  • Prep Time:
    20 min
  • Cook Time:
    10 min
  • Ready Time:
    30 min


2 servings


  • Razor clams
  • ¼ cup Piquillo Peppers
  • 2 tablespoons chopped Chives
  • ¼ cup Olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon red wine vinegar
  • Tablespoon dried garlic
  • Pinch of smoked paprika


Once the razor clams have been blanched and refreshed in an ice bath you want to take a hot pan with some good olive oil and sear these babies with a pinch of smoked paprika with a heavy weight on them.

The idea here is to put a little crust on the razor clam intensifying the flavor.
Take the peppers and chop them up roughly, add the olive oil and vinegar and mix adding a pinch of kosher salt and set aside.

Now take the razor clams and assemble them on a plate in an eye pleasing way.
Now take the pepper salsa and spoon some in the clam shells.
Season with the dried garlic and finish with the chive as shown in the picture.
That’s it! EAT!



Step by step in photos here >>

About Benny

Passion for healthy amazing food. I am on crusade to get kids eat better and people in general learning how to cook for themselves. If I here that McDonald’s is cheaper than eating homemade I will prove anyone wrong.

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