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Rock Years

Starchild and other Stories

Welcome to the Rock and Roll/Music section of my life. Stay tuned as we have many music projects we are about to announce including a very special one with a former KISS Member that I am sure will touch everyone. I will be releasing some older material from days gone by and more importantly new material that will bring everything full circle.

Without music,
life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Ultimate Kiss Tribute "

★Star★ Child

Black Diamond

Check Black Diamond playing Rock and Roll All Night at the Orpheum theater Vancouver 1996


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Bobby Bruce’s party 1992

Super Fun time during the Unchained days in Vancouver. Bobby used to record at the Unchained studio. My cousin Meno and I in one of the shots.

Foolin around in Waukesha, WI 2005

Hot Regret (Original Demo)

Original Song written by Brett Sheane and myself. Ed Nijjer plays acoustic drums on this one (we had triggers usually) NOTE: Brett is in the feature photo. Recorded 1996?



“Was a regular radio personality on the Raccoon’s Radio show on 14CFUN Vancouver when he was 6 years old
Wrote for the Local paper about local events and interviewing local celebs age 8
Started playing drums at his Father’s Club age 8
Became known as the 14 year old amazing guitar player 1981
Took photos and had his own photo lab age 12
Scripted his first school movie at age twelve and had local Vancouver rock producer Guy Sobel…”

Latest video

"Cold Gin"

Black Diamond does Cold Gin

Rick Lee of ARMOROS

Kurt Frohlic of Underground Rebels

Benny Doro of Unchained

Brett of Toronto live Scene