Long Live Rock — Television Series Launching!

Long Live Rock – Television Series Launching Combines Wall Street Executives by Day and Rock ‘n Rollers by Night

New Rock and Roll Television Series Businessmen Benny Doro and Music Artist Carlos Espada and Their KISS Tribute Band
Source: Big Apple ConceptsSeptember 22, 2011 14:44 ET

NEW YORK, NY – (Marketwire – Sep 22, 2011) – Big Apple Concepts and By Design Marketing and Advertising LLC. are pleased to announce that they have signed a definitive agreement to produce a nationally syndicated situation reality show involving Benny Doro and Carlos Espada titled “Long Live Rock.”
The show will feature the exciting exploits of Benny Doro and Carlos Espada who grew up on opposite sides of the track and played in a highly successful KISS tribute band. Benny is a successful Wall Street executive who works together with Carlos, the highly talented, creative artist, to create a business that ties music, art work, movies and licensing deals.
The concept of an artist’s “visionary creative passion” meeting “business wheeling and dealing” is highlighted in their planning and execution of an upcoming show in Montenegro in front of tens of thousands of fans.
Benny Doro has travelled the world for more than 25 years while touring with rock bands and developing international businesses. Never a person to stay in one place for more than a month, Benny feels the constant urge to travel and explore new cultures, while satisfying his thirst for developing new recipes. He has been fortunate to journey throughout North America, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean, and maintains several residences in New York City, Antigua, Lebanon, Montenegro and Croatia. Mr. Doro is the co-founder of Big Apple Concepts, a New York Based Company that specializes in developing new music accessories.
Carlos Espada comes from a well know entertainment family and is the founder and manager of KISSNATION, a renowned KISS tribute band that played globally and was featured on the likes of VH1, CNN and more. KISSNATION would go on to film a pilot for VH1 entitled MOCK ROCK. Camera crews followed the band in their everyday lives outside of the KISS tribute world and into their homes. His passion for Rock and Roll led him to working with a large toy company that specialized in entertainment figurines where he developed lines for Star Wars, Star Trek, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Eminem, Alice Cooper, Dark Angel and more. He is also the co-founder of Big Apple concepts, and lives in New York City
The show will be shot in and around New York City centered around the Big Apple Concepts offices and will follow Benny and Carlos as they globetrot across the planet on their business and music adventures.
The Production will be managed by By Design Marketing & Advertising LLC, a New York based company in the business of producing content for Television.
Please visit www.longliverock.tv for more information.
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